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For A Limited Time, Get Access To Our Incredible 7-Day Money and Marketing Masterclass For Kingdom Entrepreneurs!
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For A Limited Time, Get Access To Our Incredible Money and Marketing Masterclass For Kingdom Entrepreneurs!
Hey Christ-Centered Entrepreneur:

This is Christopher Harold with Kingdom Marketing Secrets and I'm excited to be hosting this Incredible 7 Now 10-Day Money and Marketing Masterclass starting September 10th with some special guests.

In this Masterclass, you will discover how to have a profitable and financially healthy Kingdom business that attracts new clients online in a fast and predictable way.

With so much going on in the world today, it's key that not only do we need to trust God more, we also have to become better stewards of money and better students of marketing, especially online nowadays. 

I can’t think of any better time than now to sure up these 2 important factors. 
Personally, I've been full-time online since 2016 and helped service-based businesses in mortgage, real estate, insurance, accountants, chiropractic, attorneys, home business owners, online entrepreneurs, retail, speakers, authors and even advised pastors and helped them increase their leads, clients and revenue with powerful online marketing strategies...

So if you're looking for a breakthrough to grow your business online or start one with the knowledge and skills you already have, I urge you to Scroll Below, Complete The Registration and Join Us on the Incredible 7 Now 10-Day Money and Marketing Masterclass!

We'll see you in the group!

- Chris
Time Sensitive: This 7 Now 10-Day LIVE and highly-interactive masterclass will give you the keys for launching, growing, or scaling a profitable and financially healthy Kingdom business that attracts new clients online in a Fast and Predictable way!
Meet Your Host & Lead Trainer
Christopher Harold
Founder of God's Masterpiece, Online Domination Academy, Online Dream Machine Blueprint and Kingdom Marketing Secrets Podcast
After spending 18 years as a serial entrepreneur and have many ups and downs (foreclosure, near divorce, $35K credit card debt and $12.06 to his name 13 days before Christmas a couple years ago), Christopher turned to the internet to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship.  

After trying many different things online, he finally found a hidden gem in lead generation and service niche and quit his job live on Facebook on August 23, 2016.

Now, he has turned his attention to helping others achieve the same through coaching and online marketing consulting. 

He's also a licensed minister, father of 3 and a husband of 17+ years!
- Helped over 100 people build online income businesses in the past year: across multiple industries around the world.
 - Featured in International podcasts and programs seen by 100,000's of entrepreneurs.
 - Speaks at business events on the topic of increasing your Online Marketing Strategies and Influence.
Meet Your Guest Trainer
Earl Murray
Earl T. Murray III is the President & CEO of The Entrepreneur’s Accountants. The firm provides accounting, tax, and business consulting services to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. The company’s charge is to position our clients and customers to become “FINANCIALLY STRONG.”
Throughout his career, he has managed the financial operation of companies up to $5 Million in Gross Revenue Annually and has secured over $4M in funding for small businesses and non-profit organizations through contracts, grants, and individual giving. He is also the founder of Knowledge Financial Services, a company geared to educate individuals and families on financial best practices on money management, debt elimination, and wealth building.
More Testimonials Below...
Dear Mortgage Professional,

One of the things I truly love besides spending time with my family and friends, my Creator and myself is personally helping others attain the goals and desires they have by helping them grow their business.

The impact I have seen and the joy I receive whenever a client or student gets a win or breakthrough is inexplicable.

To me it's as if my business was succeeding more because actually it is.

I look forward to being able to give you a win in your mortgage business too when you join me on this 5-day challenge!

Much Blessings!

- Christopher Harold
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